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Tél : 02 203 40 74

Email : dicanno@dicanno.com

VAT number – company number : BE-0678.868.455

If after the seller will be called “DICANNO”


Our general conditions apply to all offers made by DICANNO to you as a Consumer (any natural person who acquires or uses products or services exclusively for non-professional purposes).

To place an order, you must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, please have the order placed by your parents or legal guardian. Otherwise, we are entitled to refuse any order likely to be passed by a minor.

If additional special conditions apply in addition to these general conditions, the above provisions also apply to these special conditions. In the event of contradiction between our general conditions and these particular conditions, you have the right, as a consumer, to invoke the text that is most favorable to you. Orders through our website:

The placement of an order on the website is express acceptance of our terms and conditions which are available at any time on the website.


When an offer is only valid for a limited period or is subject to certain conditions, we make sure to indicate it directly in our offer.

We always describe as completely and accurately as possible what we sell to you and how the ordering process unfolds. The description is always detailed enough to allow you to evaluate it correctly. In addition, we make sure that our illustrations present the goods and / or services offered. The error is human, however, so that if it is clear that we are mistaken, we are not required to provide you with a good corresponding to the illustration.

In case of payment via a credit or debit card, your order will be complete and the contract between us will be final only when we obtain the agreement of the issuer of the card. We can not be held responsible for delays in the delivery and / or the absence of delivery of your order, due to the refusal of the issuer of your card during the payment. Orders that are not accompanied by a valid payment in the name of the cardholder are not accepted or processed. Orders through our website:

To buy a product, just add it to your cart. Then enter the contact and billing data.

Before you can finalize your purchases, a summary page is displayed, you accept our terms and conditions and you confirm your payment by clicking on the order button with the words “place the order”. Your purchase will not be final until you have completed these steps.

We will then send you a confirmation of your order by e-mail.


Except for changes to the VAT rates, our prices will not be changed during the period mentioned in our offer.

Our prices include all taxes, VAT and services included, so you never have a bad surprise. However, we may decide to charge shipping costs in addition to the purchase price, in which case we will always quote it before you place an order.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club &, American ExpressPayment online:

Payment can only be made on our website using payment modules made available.

To guarantee the security of your online payment and your personal data, the information of the transaction is sent after encryption by SSL technology. You do not have to have any special software to pay using this technology.


All goods and services are delivered to the address you specify when ordering.

Our shipments are always done at our risk. However, if you return goods within 14 days of purchase, their transportation will be under your responsibility and at your own risk.

If the goods delivered by us are damaged during transport, they do not correspond to the items mentioned on the delivery note or do not correspond to the items you have ordered, you are required to report it as quickly as possible and within all cases within 48 hours via dicanno@dicanno.com, and return the items within 14 calendar days of receipt.

We can not be held responsible for any indirect damage caused by late delivery or lack of delivery by the carrier designated by the company. In this case, our liability remains limited to the value of the items that are proven to have not been received by the customer.


A case of force majeure is any circumstance beyond our control and control which totally or partially impedes the fulfillment of our obligations, such as strikes, fires, disruption of the activity, supply of energy, a (telecommunication) network or a connection or communication systems used and / or the unavailability at any time of the webshop, late delivery or lack of delivery by subcontractors or other third parties to whom we have appealed, … In these cases, we are not required to meet our obligations; we can either suspend our obligations during the period of force majeure, or cancel the contract definitively.


When you make a purchase on our web shop, you have a cooling-off period of 14 days from delivery to decide if you wish to cancel the order. In this case, you can return the order without having to pay a fine or justify your decision (the costs of the return are at your expense).

Within 14 days of receipt of the return of your order, we will refund the full purchase price, if you have expressed your intention to terminate the contract, and this by the same method of payment as that that you used.

We have the right to wait until you have recovered the goods or have proven them returned, before proceeding to their refund.

During the first 14 days after delivery, we expect you to treat the order and packaging carefully. If you wish to be able to return the goods in accordance with the procedure described above, you may only unpack them or use them to the extent necessary to assess whether you wish to keep the property or not. You can only handle and inspect the product as you would in a store. Indeed, you have the right to judge if you want to keep the product and to try it but only if it is done in the same way that you could have done it normally in our stores.

As far as possible, returned goods must be placed in their original packaging and accompanied by all the delivered accessories. They must be in their original condition and packaging, taking into account the instructions mentioned below.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

In some cases, we have the right to exclude products and / or services from the right of withdrawal. This clause concerns products that:

Have been manufactured according to the specifications of the consumer or are clearly intended for a specific person (personalized product);

Return Charges Table (T.V.A. not included) – to be checked with the distribution company

Zone Moins de 2 kg de 2 kg à 5 kg de 5 kg à 10 kg Plus de 10 kg Opérateur
Péninsule 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € MRW
Baléares 10,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 € 20,00 € MRW
Canaries, Ceuta et Melilla 18,25 € 31,24 € 52,89 € 58,00 € MRW
Andorre 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € MRW
Portugal 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € 4,13 € MRW
France 10,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 € 20,00 € UPS
Italie 10,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 € 20,00 € UPS
Belgique, Pays-Bas, Luxembourg, Allemagne 10,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 € 20,00 € UPS
Royaume-Uni 10,00 € 15,00 € 18,00 € 20,00 € UPS
Autriche, Danemark, Finlande, Irlande, Suède 20,00 € 33,89 € 39,99 € 41,45 € UPS
Slovaquie, Slovenie, Hongrie, Pologne 24,30 € 38,86 € 55,30 € 50,28 € UPS
Grece, Rep. Chèque, Bulgarie 20,00 € 33,89 € 39,99 € 41,45 € UPS
Estonie, Letonie, Lituanie, Roumanie 24,30 € 38,86 € 55,30 € 50,28 € UPS
Suisse, Norvège 20,28 € 35,68 € 45,94 € 50,85 € UPS
USA, Canada 20,00 € 30,00 € 40,00 € 45,00 € UPS
Islande, Pays d’Amérique du Sud 36,73 € 63,99 € 82,94 € 94,15 € UPS
Mexico, Chili 20,00 € 30,00 € 40,00 € 45,00 € UPS
Reste du monde 59,64 € 88,75 € 135,06 €  158,23 € UPS

Shipping costs do not include customs duties and taxes and shipping costs, except for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


We guarantee that our goods comply with your order and that they meet the normal expectations that you may have, taking into account the specifications of the product. We also guarantee that our goods comply with all laws in force at the time of your order.

As far as it is possible and reasonable, you have the choice between repair or replacement. You have the right to demand a reduction of the price or the resolution of the contract of sale only if the repair or the replacement proves to be excessive or impossible or if it can not intervene within a reasonable time.

We ask you to notify us of any defect or vice within the week of the finding.


Our website, logos, texts, photos, names and, in general, all of our communication are protected by our intellectual property rights, those of our subcontractors or other rights holders.

It is forbidden to use and / or modify the intellectual property rights described in this article. It is forbidden to copy or reproduce drawings, photos, texts, color combinations, logos, etc. without our prior written consent.


We are constantly aiming to fully satisfy our customers. However, if you have any complaints about our goods or services, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at the following number: 02 / 203.40.74

We will endeavor to process your claim within 7 days.

All the contracts we conclude with our clients are, regardless of their place of residence, exclusively governed by Belgian law and only the Belgian courts having jurisdiction are competent to hear any disputes. If another right were applicable for reasons of international law, the Belgian legislation on market practices and consumer protection would first and foremost refer to the interpretation of these general terms and conditions.

A dispute will be examined by the Supervisory Committee only if the consumer has first submitted his complaint to the merchant within an appropriate period.

This dispute must be submitted in writing to the Supervisory Committee no later than three months after the appearance of the dispute.

When the consumer wishes to submit a dispute to the supervisory committee, the merchant is bound to this choice. When the merchant wishes to do so, the consumer must, within a period of five weeks after a request to this effect has been made by the merchant, declare in this respect in writing whether he also wishes to do so or whether he wishes to examine the dispute by the competent court in the matter. If the trader is not informed of the consumer’s choice within five weeks, he is then entitled to submit the dispute to the competent court.

The Supervisory Board decides according to the conditions as laid down in the Supervisory Board’s rules. The decisions of the Supervisory Committee are made in the form of binding opinions.

The Supervisory Committee will not deal with a dispute or stop the dispute if a suspension of payment has been granted to the merchant, if the merchant is in bankruptcy or if he has put an end to the activities of his business in fact before a dispute has been dealt with by the sitting committee and a final judgment has been rendered.