Perseveranda NNM

Our designer, always surrounded by her family, looks to the future searching for a more honest, united and happy world.

Passionated since childhood about fashion and design, she always dreamed of dressing a confident woman with values. A brave and optimistic woman against adversity, that wakes up every morning with the head up and ready to enjoy the day.

Her creations flow among history and cultures, involved in current tendencies and youth memories. Her inspiration comes from unusual sources, as film noir from the 40´s and 50´s, or the classic vampire movies, where everything was darkness, but brimming with strong glamour at the same time.

Dicanno designs to transport the woman from that iconic and dark world to a full of light, lively reality. She also tries to transmit the brand identity where she shows the shape of an strong woman, with pronounced curves. A woman dressed with an intense red color, ready to enjoy living and who does not want to be unnoticed.

An exceptional Haute Couture brand

D’icanno is a Spanish Haute Couture brand. Its originality? It is the first Spanish Haute Couture brand to promote solidarity since its inception. The brand was created with a will to combine passion for fashion and sophistication with the values of ethics and solidarity.

As shown by its logo, the Dicanno woman is a modern woman whose elegance, chic and glamour are tempered by a sober style.

All models are made of noble fabric such as silk, lace and raw cotton. Models are inspired by a multiplicity of influences, representing an open-minded and active woman.

The brand offers beautifully-cut models, with a meticulous finish of embroidery, buttons and other accessories.

Some pieces are hand-made. Each creation is the fruit of a flawless work in line with the requirements of the Haute Couture industry.

D’icanno is the Haute Couture brand for good causes, as we have been contributing to the community from the start through a caring and ethical fashion.

How do we help?

  • By financing solidarity project: 5% of our sales go to a charity.
  • By promoting job creation: we work with workshops that are active in job creation.
  • By supporting sustainable growth: we only use raw material that is traceable, ethical and renewable.